23 July, 2024

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The live teleconference sessions of SOH & SOGDS scheduled for today (3rd July 2024)

3 July, 2024

 live teleconference sessions of Gyan Darshan Channel scheduled for today (3rd July 2024).



Expert: Dr. Dharmveer Singh

School: School of Humanities (SOH)

Programme: Bachelor of Arts (General) in Urdu (BAG Urdu)




Expert: Dr. G. Uma

School: School of Gender and Development Studies (SOGDS)

Programmes: Certificate Programme in Gender, Agriculture and Sustainable Development (CGAS)

Course Codes: MGS 041, MGS 042 and MGS043

Topic: Introduction to the Programme Gender, Agriculture and Sustainable Development (CGAS)




Expert: Dr. Devesh Kumar Mishra

School: School of Humanities (SOH)

Programme: Masters in Bhagwat Geeta Studies

Topic: Importance of Bhagavad Gita in Higher Education


The Phone Numbers for interaction with the studio are 011-29532844, 011- 29532845 & Toll Free: 1800112346

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