22 June, 2024

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Counselling Schedule of CKLC Programme for January 2024 session by Nodal RC Delhi-3

10 April, 2024

As you might be already aware that RC Delhi-3 is the Nodal RC of CKLC Programme for Jan 2024 Session. After the Induction meeting of CKLC Programme on 02.04.2024, now, we are going to organize the Academic Counselling Sessions of CKLC Programme from 13th April onwards. 

The Counselling Schedule is available at RC Delhi-3 Website at http://rcdelhi3.ignou.ac.in/Ignou-RC-Delhi-3/userfiles/file/38039%20CKLC%20FJAN24.pdf and a copy of the same, kindly click here for more details.
The soft copy study material of CKLC is available at https://egyankosh.ac.in/handle/123456789/48668. Kindly have a reading of your study materials before the Counselling Session of that Block/Unit to get full advantage of the Sessions.
The assignments of CKLC Programme are available at https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/Certificate/cklc/FINAL%20CKLC%202024%20TO%202026%20ASSIGNMENTS.pdfAnd, the link of Exam Form Portal is https://exam.ignou.ac.in/.
You are requested to attend the Academic Counselling Sessions as per the Schedule.