23 September, 2023

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Inviting Nominations for UGC Approved STP on NEP-2020: Programme Evaluation in Distance and Online Learning (Online Mode) 10 - 17 May, 2023

2 May, 2023

 With the approval of the Competent Authority, STRIDE is organizing a UGC-Approved Six Days Short-Term Professional Development Programme on “NEP-2020: Programme Evaluation in Distance and Online Learning”  (Online Mode) during 10 - 17 May, 2023.


The STP is proposed primarily for those teachers and academics who require to do a STP for CAS purposes, as also for those who are interested in upgrading their knowledge and skills on various aspects associated with programme evaluation studies.


The objectives of the STP on Programme Evaluation in Distance and Online Learning are to:

·         Expose the faculty to the essential necessity (need and relevance) of programme evaluation in distance and online learning;

·         Explain various models of programme evaluation;

·         Analyse the techniques used for programme evaluation;

·         Develop skills to prepare a proposal for programme evaluation;

·         Develop skills for developing questionnaires in relevance to programme evaluation; and

·         Formulate a proposal including the tools for programme evaluation.

The Directors of School/Division/Institute/Unit/Centre/Cell and Regional Centres are requested to kindly nominate faculty/academics to participate  especially those whose promotion is due and also interested to learn about programme evaluation latest by May 1st , 2023.


Nominated participants need to fill up the enclosed nomination form. The Google nomination form for the link is given below:


Link:  https://forms.gle/BZS95vWPn6uQFqJm7


The programme is Coordinated by Dr. Pulla Lakshmi (p.lakshmi@ignou.ac.in) and Prof. Amiteshwar Ratra (amiteshwar@ignou.ac.in ), STRIDE.